SW-Motech Alu-Rack Adapters voor SW-Motech SysBags

SW-Motech Alu-Rack Adapterkit SysBag 30

    Levertijd: 3-7 dagen, als het langer duurt nemen we contact met je op.

• SW-Motech Alu-Rack Adapter kit for SysBag 30 bags with adapter plate.

• The relevant adapter plate with quick-lock system gives SysBag 30 a secure hold on luggage carriers. This requires the installation of an adapter kit on the carrier.

• A kit for all events: The adapter kit includes four cam locks and mounting material for a luggage carrier. The mounting instructions describe in detail which components are required for which carriers.

• Features: The adapter kit is needed to attach the SysBag 30 with adapter plate to the SW-Motech Alu-Rack carriers. One adapter kit is required. The assembly material varies by carrier and all required parts are included in this kit.

• Included in delivery: 4 cam locks, Mounting material and Mounting instructions.

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